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White Lady falsely accused Vlogger Terroll Lewis and another male of sexual assault on a train full of witnesses


White Lady falsely accused Vlogger Terroll Lewis and another male of sexual assault on a train full of witnesses

Vlogger and body builder Terroll Lewis was falsely accused of sexual assault on a train by a lady named Zoe Thompson from Ruby Uk. The internet star film most of the incident on his phone.

The incident happened on a to London we believe, according to Terroll Lewis, he heard had argument between the said lady and another black male( he’s name not know yet) over the gentle man placing his bag on the seat, Terroll said he saw the gentle man getting upset and decided to go seat next to him, and the rest of it, Terroll film on his phone.

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I was on the train and over heard an argument on the train. I looked up and saw it was a white lady shouting at a young black boy sitting down. “Move u never paid for two seats” then went on to pushing him and shouting abuse. I started to see the boy getting angry so I took my stuff from the other side of the carriage and moved to where he was and sat down next to him. This women started to shout amuse at me now and started to say the few hundreds pounds I had in my hand was “DRUG MONEY” ?? I asked her why would u say that? She replied “probably is…” smh. Instagram I’m only posting this because so many of our young kings get into situations like this where people expect them to act out of character. NOT TODAY. Me and my young king chilling and talking now check my insta story now 🔋🖤🔌

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On the video he posted on his Instagram page you can clearly see the lady verbally abusing him and also physically assaulting Terroll by hitting his hat off his head.

This lady then proceeded to stop the train in Coventry, and from one of the clips, you can see the train staff saying the train has been stopped because of sexual assault claims.

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😮😮😮 Sexual Allegations????

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It’s funny that she made such and accusation in a train full of witnesses. She (Zoe Thompson) is definitely very aware of her White Privilege. In the video she was the one doing all the assaulting.

Terroll Lewis and the other Black male where taken off the Train for questioning
By the Police. After that they had to be driven home by the Police because there were no trains left.

The guy was lucky to have witnesses and videos of the incident, we all know if there wasn’t it will be Terroll in jail instead of the lady.



  1. OG

    October 18, 2018 at 9:40 pm

    A lot of people (including so called journalists) have jumped on the band wagon without question & without any real analysis or even attempting to get the full version of events.
    Did any of these boys have backpacks like in this vid ?

    Why did one youth take up two seats & was rude?
    Why did the group of guys wind her up?
    She doesnt say anything racist in video (not even under her breath- a true racist wouldve)
    The video doesnt start from the start of events & looks like it was edited.

  2. faraghram

    October 31, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    NO. it’s not a “white privilege” she was aware of, you morons; it’s a “woman privilege”, especially in these recent times with all these abusive hashtags like #metoo & #believeallwomen, wich is precisely why she didn’t hesitate to get revenge (and clearly didn’t even think she’d be in a lot of trouble for so stupidly lying). please don’t make it a racial thing, you’re pathetic.

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